Lino Barone's art

The art of Lino Barone expresses a fundamental and innovative notion of distinguished imagery as part of the twentieth century and the new millennium. The language of his paintings is iconographic and made of inventive rules and transcriptions that coexist in relational equilibrium with today's society and its surroundings. Yet he constantly and dynamically researched his expressive development. His pictorial creativity draws on personal experience but in a continuous research and expressive changes that seemed to never find peace, never a definitive fulfilment. His works are the expression of his need for boundless freedom. Emotions, energy, shapes in artistic and figurative evocations, with close attention to the things of this world, even those that seem obvious and quotidian. A mixture of images in a fantastic visual journey, between real and surreal, combining the memory of places, people, nature, glimpses of life, of daily life, of wisdom.

He used two main techniques in his art work: spatula and watercolour. Luxuriant succulent plants gave him his first glint of inspiration. The sea, an essential element of the architect's life, was represented in its various manifestations, from the sunny stillness of the summer to the tumultuous winter storms. Boats lying on the sand or immobile on the water, complete this Mediterranean theme. Painting landscapes and peoples of faraway places he encountered during his travels is another of his favourite themes, much like his architecture always depicts original visual lines.

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