Lino Barone developed his architecture career over 33 years, during which time he acquired experience in various fields: from the architectural projects to interior design, from furnishings to supervision of the works. He began work in his home town of Bordighera where he realised new villas and renovated many buildings, including several hotels in the first half of the twentieth century, leaving an important mark on the town's history.
In 1989 he participated in the renovation of the Rothschild Castle near Paris, his first project beyond Italian borders.
Since that moment,  he has worked almost exclusively abroad, continuing his inspiring odyssey in the Maghreb, the Middle East, in Cuba, on the French Riviera, in Eastern Europe, Senegal and the United Kingdom (London).
Barone has completed many prestigious projects such as the Seychelles airport and the underwater hotel in Dubai, to name a few.
His ability to adapt creatively to radically different territorial and cultural realities was the key to his achievement of commendable results at all latitudes.
In the design of the private villas this ability to assimilate and elaborate on lifestyles, often in diametrical opposition, was a fundamental element in his creation of a spatiality that was congenial to the client from both a functional and aesthetic point of view.
The architect likes to call his works "tailored suits".
This definition, in its disarming simplicity, encompasses the study of complex client needs and translating these into a setting in which to live that fully meets the performance and emotional expectations of the client. He infuses his various projects with "the image requested by the client" contextualizing it to the culture and environment.

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