Projects and Management

“In the delicate balance between science and art, technology and decoration, macro and micro which characterizes this discipline,  the attention to detail is the most important, crucial element that determines the difference in results”.
Architecture communicates, as do all the others visual arts, through the language of images.
The perception of the whole, the harmony of shapes, the placing within context and care over details are the means by which context and care over details are the means by which architecture transmits sensations and emotions to the onlooker.
For the architect Barone the attention to detail that characterises all his work is not just a choice of professional quality but is above all a choice that gives him the pleasure of following a project through to the end with stylistic coherence right down to the smallest detail.
The objectives that generate an idea are developed through both forms and textures, and the choices of colors and materials.
Barone has worked for many years in geographical and cultural contexts that are very different from each other: Saudi Arabia, Eastern Europe, Italy, Central Asia and the Caribbean Islands.
In whatever context he operates, historical study of the local situation and stylistic in depth study of details are not only part of his methodological approach, but also enrich his personal knowledge, absorbed and reinterpreted to make each project complete in every detail.

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